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Virtual Ops Control System

The VOCS is a cost effective and portable virtual system designed to increase operator efficiency and to reduce risk in a mission critical environment.

The VOCS features a virtual Schilling arm, which maintains accurate correspondence to its mechanical counterpart, in real time. This enables work in poor visibility and allows the operator unprecedented awareness of manipulator geometry from ANY angle, regardless of camera limitations. The ability to 'see through' solids, and maintain critical axial alignments make this a vital tool for remote manipulator operations.

Fully assess the manipulator envelope with real time tool grouping.

Coordinate the project tool suite with virtual task assessment.

Reduce SIT logistics and streamline SIT preparation.

Set real world docking points for speedy tool access in marginal conditions.

The VOCS is unique among 3D virtual systems in its ability to combine multiple data streams (Gyro, Altimeter, GPS, INS, DVI, USBL and Manipulator joint data) in real time for precision real world emulation.

The VOCS hand controller is a compact tool that allows the user to readily alter and interact with all aspects of the virtual environment. It replaces traditional input devices such as mouse or touch pad which are too cumbersome for the demands of virtual applications.

The VOCS hand unit also acts as a hub for the multiple incoming data streams. Proprietary algorithms decode and combine diverse comms protocols and formats into a single compressed data string. This enables the system to update with real time accuracy.

Import 3D models and Surveyor PDF's.

Locate dropped objects easily.

Real time remote monitoring via narrow band sat link.

Assemble and interact with an entire intervention environment and receive unique insights into the operation. Benefit from Pre job familiarisation and planning, and gain confidence from knowing your exact location relative to critical structures and surroundings. Collision detection algorithms are also incorporated as an added safety barrier.

Download more information about VOCS (PDF)