Typhoon 10 - Longest Tether To Date for TMT

Typhoon 10 is one of TMT's longest serving ROV’s. Today it left the workshop after a full refurbishment during which it was stripped down to the bare frame and rebuilt from the ground up. Now with a 150HP motor and state of the art cameras and lights, it is ready for its first responder role on the Far Saracen. Its 1100m tether is the longest soft tether TMT has ever installed and operated, giving Typhoon 10 a 1000m excursion range from the TMS (Tether Management System). Click on the following video to see the tether spooling.




t10beforeandafter.jpg T10 ROV


Did you know that the Far Saracen, under contract to Esso was one of the commercial vessels providing support during the bushfire crisis earlier this year? https://lnkd.in/gwEGns5