UH550 Surface Manual Torque Tool

UH550 Surface Manual Torque Tool

Torque Tool
Flow bases fitted with the UH-550 Unitech Stab Connectors that are torqued up to 2000Nm need to be operated to verify the function and break the connector prior to its subsea deployment.
TMT's solution is to use a Norbar HT 5/25 Torque Multiplier that is fitted with a Class 1 - 4, API 1D/6A compliant nose cone that is offered up to the UH-550 connector. A manual torque wrench is fitted to the drive socket of the HT 5/25 torque multiplier and using a ratio of 25:1 a known torque can then be applied to the UH-550 connector up to a maximum of 2700Nm.
Verification can be achieved using the Torque Verification Unit.


  • Proven rugged design
  • Long battery life from single charge
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Safe to use


Dimensions 40L x15W x50Hcm
Weight in Air ~30kg
Maximum Torque Tool Output 2700Nm
Maximum Input Torque 108Nm