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Torque Verification Unit

Torque Verification Unit

Torque Tool
The Topside Norbar Torque Verification Unit, as configured by TMT, is a NATA tested and certified device.
The tools are used to accurately confirm the torque output from a hydraulic or electric torque tool. The kit comes with a 1000Nm transducer block for measuring torque from 67Nm (Class 1) to 271Nm (Class 2) and a 3000Nm transducer block for measuring torque to 1355Nm (Class 3) and 2711Nm (Class 4).
The appropriate transducer block is bolted to the back of the supplied API17D reaction bucket. Once secured the correct drive adaptor bit is inserted to receive drive force from the tool being tested.
Torque is read on the torque tool display unit.


  • Accurately confirm torque ranges - Class 1 - 4
  • Proven rugged design
  • Long battery life from single charge
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Safe to use




Transducer Block 1 1000Nm
Transducer Block 2 3000Nm
Class 1 & 2 11/16” socket
Class 3 11/8” socket
Class 4 11/2” socket