TMT Flexi Joint

TMT Flexi Joint

Torque Tool
The TMT Flexi Joint for ROV handles can transfer torque, that unlike the standard wire rope used for joints, has a higher stiffness in bend so it can be used for handling heavy tools like large hot stabs and torque tools. The Flexi Joint can also use different types of flexi element and achieve different stiffness’s as required.
The Flexi Joint doesn’t get damaged with extreme side loads (dissimilar to wire rope ones), as angular bend is limited to 10º in all planes and metal to metal stop will prevent it from too much deformation and potential damage.
The Flexi Joint body is made of SS316, the pin is 2205 and the Flexi Element is polyurethane, Duro 70 or 90.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • ROV operated
  • Field proven


Dimensions ∅72 x78Lmm
Weight in Air (Excluding Handle) ~0.78kg
Weight in Seawater ~0.66kg
Max. Rotation in any Direction 10°
Max. Pull & Push Force 5000N
Depth Rating 3000msw
Max. Torque 60Nm
Stiffness Factor - Shore 90PU 4.4Nm/Degree