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Subsea Torque Verification Unit

Subsea Torque Verification Unit

Category: Torque & FLOT
The Subsea Torque Verification Unit has been developed to provide subsea confirmation of torque tool caliration. It consists of a standard Class 1 - 4 torque reaction bucket with a compact torque sensor. To change shafts only one bolt has to be undone.
Torque is displayed on a separate universal subsea display unit. The display contains a power on indicator (Green LED) and battery low indicator (Red LED). The unit can operate continuously for 30 hours, but if no activity is detected after 10 minutes the unit will go into a "Sleep" mode and the display will power down, sleep mode can be maintained for up to eight (8) days. The display will "Wake up" as soon as there is a change in signal.


  • Proven rugged design
  • ISO 13628-8 Fig 18 (API 17D) Class 1 - 4
  • Max torque 2700Nm (2000 ft lbs)
  • 4000msw
  • Self-contained unit
  • Rechargeable battery or ROV power




Torque Interface Class 1 - 4
Weight in Air 22kg
Weight in Seawater 18kg
Maximum Torque 2700Nm
Battery Life (permanently on) 30 hours
Maximum Input Torque 108Nm