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Class 1 - 4 Torque Tool

Class 1 - 4 Torque Tool

Category: Torque & FLOT
The ISO 13628-8 Class 1 - 4 Torque Tool contains a unique mechanism which effectively bypasses the torque multiplier, providing two gearing levels. A hydraulic function is used to select either the High Speed - Low Torque setting, which couples the motor output directly to the socket giving a controllable torque output from 15 to 300 lbf.ft, (20 to 400Nm), or a Low Speed - High Torque seting which brings the torque multiplier into line, giving a controllable output from 200 to 2000 lbf.ft, (270 to 2700Nm).
The torque tool also includes a self adjusting square drive socket that will automatically select the corect interface drive to suit ISO 13628-8 Class 1 through to Class 4. The Tool can be supplied with a choice of a paddle/fishtail/T-bar/ring or vertical deployment handle.
The Tool can also be supplied with a two digit external turns count display and ROV mounted reset switch box when not being used from a control system. An integral digital turns - count feedback to the topsides control laptop is offered as standard. An interface kit containing commonly used hoses and a depth compensator is also supplied with the tool.


  • Torque Range from 20 - 2700Nm
  • Multi size auto selecting socket design
  • Manipulator operable if required
  • ROV/FLOT mounted
  • Anodised aluminium body
  • Choice of paddle/fishtail/T-bar/ring or vertical deployment
  • Integral turns count accurate to 1/20th of a turn in either direction, optional external turns count and reset switch also available





Dimensions 623L x226W x403Hmm
Weight in Air 47kg
Weight in Seawater 38kg
Torque Class 1 - 4
Max. Supply Pressure 2538psi
Max. Supply Flow 20L/min
Depth Rating 3000msw
Interfaces ISO 13628-8 Class 1 - 4 torque bucket, self-adjusting between classes