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AWS-FL Torque Kit

AWS-FL Torque Kit

Torque Bucket
Category: Torque & FLOT
The AWS-FL series are ISO 13628-8 compliant torque buckets available for Class 5 torque tools. It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. The torque bucket conects to the AWS-4050 handheld display, included with every FL system. The 4050 is also compatible with the full line of Intellect transducers, which allow the display to automatically read calibration data from any Intellect transducer plugged into it, including the AWS-FL Bucket.
You can plug any AWS-4050 into any FL Bucket and get reliable, accurate readings with no configuration necessary. The 4050 features a simple to use menu system for adjusting settings, which is described in detail in this manual. Heavy Duty (HD) options are available. This option provides a very rugged transducer and connector set.


  • Proven rugged design
  • Hand held display
  • Simple to use menu system
  • Mains or battery powered
  • Class 5




Dimensions Case 60L x50W x36Hcm
Weight Case 50kg
Accuracy 5% of indicated reading
Range 10% - 100%
Data Comms RS232-C