TMT Override Valve Gauge Tool

TMT Override Valve Gauge Tool

Valve Gauge
TMT Override Valve Gauge Tool is a designed and manufactured override valve gauge tester that is a simple and easy to use tool that confirms the actual stroke depth after the valve has been stroked.
Subsea completion manifold trees have valves that can be held open by the use of a Linear Actuated Override Tool (LAOT) and these tools habe a 50mm ram that override the valve to a specific distance, typically 7" or 2". After the valve has been "Stroked" and the LAOT removed, this stroke length can be easily confirmed by use of the TMT Override Valve Gauge Tool.
Double O-ring seals provide the required resistance to prevent the stem from sliding in or out of the boday and this assures and accurate depth reading is maintained until read. 
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Easy to use
  • Different ROV handle options
  • ROV or diver operated
  • Field proven


Dimensions ∅150 x552Lmm
Weight in Air 3.2kg
Weight in Seawater 1.8kg
Depth Rating Unlimited