TMT Air Lync Wi-Fi System

TMT Air Lync Wi-Fi System

Offshore Survey
The TMT Air Lync Wi-Fi System is an innovative and powerful solution to many common scenarios in the offshore industry. Consisting of two (2) high power Ethernet radios, it reliably established a high-bandwidth/high-speed point-to-multipoint radio link for up to 2.5km. The system is designed to provide a stable platform for a number of different systems, including HD video streaming and conferencing facilities. It is housed in a marine-friendly enclosure and can withstand exposure to harsh environments. The system is completely autonomous and once installed will be fully managed remotely by in-field staff.
The system provides a number of benefits over traditional telemetry systems offshore, with the ability to stream multiple video feeds simultaneously, as well as provide tracking for vessels in the survey system. The addition of video conferencing facilities provides a number of safety benefits including reduced reliance on UHF/VHF radio communications, basket transfers and expensive satellite internet and satellite phone.


  • In-Field High Speed Video Conferencing
  • In-Field Voice Calling
  • High Speed Data Transfer System
  • Large file transfers
  • Integrates into survey system
  • Option for long-range tracking
  • Minimal configuration
  • User friendly interface
  • Portable & durable
  • Extremely cost effective solution


Frequency 5.8GHz / 900MHz
Power Output 26dBm
Network Topology Point-to-Multipoint
Range 2.5km+
Long Range (Optional) 20km+
Network Type Ethernet