TMT Scour Mattress Installation Frame

TMT Scour Mattress Installation Frame

Subsea Frame
The footings of offshore structures are often located on potentially mobile sediments. The sediments are an important part of maintaining the stability of the structure.
Scour protection is often required where the influence of wave action and currents can become significant and to quickly scour away sediments from underneath pipes and the rig structures. The TMT Scour Mattress Installation Frame is designed to transport, position and release the scour mattress to provide the required position.
The Mattress Frame with the scour mattress attached is lowered into position by a surface crane. The ROV docks with the Mattress Skid then positions the skid and mattress underneath the riser. A camera and light system attached to the fame can confirm placement of the scour mattress to the required tolerance.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements. 


  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • ROV operated
  • Camera and light system
  • Hydraulically controlled release mechanism
  • Fail safe release mechanism
  • Field proven


Dimensions 6040L x3000W x700Hmm
Weight in Air 2160kg
Weight in Seawater 1700kg
Payload 18T
Cameras & Lights Configurable
ROV Docking Interface ISO 13628-8
Depth Rating 3000msw