TMT Barge Management System

TMT Barge Management System

Subsea Technology
TMT has compiled a highly advanced Barge Management System, also known as Tug Management System. Combining the best in technology with intelligent equipment combinations and skilled personnel. The system fuses a highly accurate positioning system with a next generation wireless telemetry link to provide a reliable and user friendly interface.
An AHRS provides increased GNSS accuracy, as well as dead reckoning when NSS outages are experiences. TMT's Barge Management System allows for remote control of the survey system from the Rig, as well as prviding QA/QC of anchoring operations. The high-bandwidth digital communcations link has the provission for a number of services such as video conferencing, streaming, large file transfer, long distance tracking, integration of AIS + Aids to Navigation, 3D Rig-move operations & more.
combined with the survey navigation package, the system provides the ability to display a database of all relevant surface and subsea infrastructure, as well as plotting all proposd anchor drop locations, and range & bearing information. The system is highly configurable and is offered as a bespoke or off-the-shelf solution.


  • AHRS as standard
  • High-accuracy GNSS
  • Integration to AHV Winch system
  • Suited for pipeline installation
  • Tracking of AHV over 20kms
  • Video telemetry & VOIP facilities
  • Fully customisable & adaptable
  • Multi-Helmsman display (fwd/aft)
  • Extremely cost effective solution


Dimensions 334H x267W x440Dmm
Weight in Air (approx.) 20kg
Position Accuracy Decimetre
Heading Accuracy 0.10°
Pitch & Roll Accuracy 0.15°
Heave Accuracy 5% or 0.05m
Range Up to 20km
Possible Tracked Vessels 20+
Network Type Ethernet, Point-to-Multipoint