TMT Tubing Head L Loop Debris Cap

TMT Tubing Head L Loop Debris Cap

In the exploitation of offshore oilfields, a subsea tubing head may not be used for production immediately after it has been installed at the wellhead. In such circumstances there is a need to protect the tubing head sealing surfaces against corrosion. Protection against damage or obstruction by falling debris, silt and biological accretions is also required.
The TMT Tubing Head L-Loop Debris Cap is designed for the tubing head L-loop vertical hub.
The Cap has rubber face seal on contact area with L-loop hub to minimise loss of preservation fluid from within the L-loop.


• Compact design
• Easy to install and remove
• Corrosion resistant material
• ROV deployable



Dimensions ∅265 x330Hmm
Weight in Air 19.7kg
Weight in Seawater 12.3kg
Depth Rating 125msw