TMT Triplex Water Blaster

TMT Triplex Water Blaster

The TMT Triplex Water Blaster supplies a high pressure jet of seawater that can be used to clean subsea equipment. The ROV supplies hydraulic fluid power to the unit, which drives the reciprocating pump (Triplex) to deliver seawater at an intensified pressure. A cleaning lance is provided with the pump that the ROV uses with its seven (7) function arm to clean, as required.

TMT can configure the Water Blaster tool to the customer requirements i.e. different pressure and flow combinations etc.


• Easily fitted onto any ROV
• Uses filtered sea water as a supply
• High Pressure – High Flow output
• Supplied with cleaning lance &3m hose
• Proven
• Optional transponder buckets
• Can be customised to suit



Dimensions 287L x30W x170Hmm
Output Pressure 5000psi
Output Flow 32L/min
Input Pressure 3100psi
Input Flow 85L/min