TMT Sticky Foot - Suction

TMT Sticky Foot - Suction

The TMT Sticky Foot - Suction is a suction foot that can hold an ROV or other subsea equipment to a relatively smooth surface including; ship hulls, submarines and other subsea objects. The strength of the grip makes it suitable for a wide range of inspection and cleaning tasks.

The TMT Sticky Foot – Suction has a variety of suction surface options and sizes to suit a variety of subsea surfaces and holding force requirements. The Sticky Foot comes complete with a hydraulically driven water system that generates the suction force.

The Sticky Foot - Suction can be customised to suit the client.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Varies types of handles available
  • ROV deployed
  • Field proven



Dimensions, ∅600mm 650L x650W x750Hmm
Weight in Air 52kg
Seal Size ∅600mm
Dimensions, ∅360mm 360L x360W x530Hm
Weight in Air 5kg
Handle Varies
Fittings 7/16JIC
Depth Rating Unlimited
Max Pressure 100psi (7bar)
Max Flow 340L/min


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