TMT Smart Torque Tool Mk2

TMT Smart Torque Tool Mk2

The TMT Smart Torque Tool Mk 2 is the latest in ROV friendly sub-sea intervention tooling.
The Mk2 is intuitive to use: In automatic mode the torque limit, number of turns and speed limit parameters are set via a topside laptop and the tool will function autonomously to achieve and control these outcomes safely. In alternative manual mode, the same limits are entered but the operator selects the valve operating parameters.
Torque feedback from the tool is viewed in real time on the laptop as an instantaneous value and graphs, which can be saved for future reference. Advanced control algorithms eliminate the risk of damage to subsea infrastructure.
The Smart Torque Tool Mk2 innovative design allows the operation of Class 1 to 4 fittings with out changing the tool or surfacing the ROV. The small size of the Smart Torque Tool Mk2 allows it to be easly packaged into two carry-on sized cases allowing speedy and economical delivery to site.


  • Corrosion reistant materials
  • Easily accessed by ROV
  • Easily operated by ROV
  • Accurate down to 50Nm
  • Field proven
  • Rated for offshore deployment
  • Self-error checking
  • Accurate speed from 0.1 to 10rpm
  • Subsea removable from support
  • Fail safe electronics design
  • Temperature & pressure compensated



Dimensions 510L x 225W x 165Hmm
Weight in Air 24kg
Weight in Seawater 20kg
Torque Class 1-4, 20-3000Nm
Res. On Output 1 degree
Max. Op. Press 207bar (3000psi)
Depth Rating Unlimited
Interfaces Rotary low torque types A, B and C, Rotary high torque, Petrobras, customised.