TMT Smart Torque Plate Handling Tool

TMT Smart Torque Plate Handling Tool

The TMT Smart Torque Plate Handling Tool is an ROV friendly sub-sea intervention tool. 
The tool offers precise break out, running and make-up torques for class 1-4 and 17 ISO standard interfaces. The ROV operator can change torque settings at any time during the operation from the tool’s control console, in a range from, 40 to 2000 ft/lb. Torque feedback from the tool can be viewed in real time on the user interface as an instantaneous value or graph, which can be saved on the interface for future reference.
The Smart Torque Tool latches into the base cradle hydraulically and can be disconnected by the ROV in order to use as a standalone torque tool. The hydraulic latches for the reaction buckets are hydraulically driven forward and spring retracted, in case of loss of hydraulic power the latches will release. 


• Corrosion resistant material
• Easily accessed by ROV
• Easily operated by ROV
• Removable underwater
• Field proven
• Rated for offshore deployment



Dimensions 980L x250W x835Hmm
Weight in Air 90kg
Weight in Water 60kg
Torque ISO13628-8 Class1-4, 30-2711Nm
Torque Res. 3Nm
Max Op Press 207bar
Fwd Tilt 5º 
Aft Tilt 30º 
Depth Rating Unlimited