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TMT Pencil Camera

TMT Pencil Camera

Category: Subsea Smart Tech.
The TMT Pencil Camera is a low power high resolution colour pencil camera allowing operators to maintain observation of fixed areas cheaply and effectivly. This type of camera is perfect to provide fixed position views. Features include automatic white balance, automatic electronic shutter & automatic gain control to ensure best exposure & image quality as illumination levels change.
The small size is ideally suited for ROV manipulator and various tooling applications.The camera is easily clamped into location or can be combined with a TMT Pan and Tilt modules to allow operators to look around whilst underwater.


• Easy to install & remove
• Rugged aluminium casing
• Suited for depths up to 1000 metres
• SONY Super HAD II CCD Image Sensor



Size ∅21.5 x80.5Lmm
Weight in Air 0.65kg
Sensitivity ~0.3lx
Wide Angle Lens 3.6mm