TMT Mini Fluid Transfer Skid

TMT Mini Fluid Transfer Skid

The main function of the TMT Mini Fluid Transfer Skid is to allow an ROV to perform fluid transfer subsea i.e. acid injection.

The TMT Mini Fluid Skid is ideal for wellhead preservation injection of MEG, HW740R, glycol, acid seawater and other fluids.

The Mini Fluid Transfer Skid system components are mounted in a 6082 aluminium skid which is designed to be compatible with a range of small to medium size ROVs. The fluid skid is attached to the back or side of the ROV. A ROV controlled hydraulic ball valve valve is used to control flow.  A topside located laptop can be used to monitor and record flow and pressure.

TMT can configure the TMT Mini Fluid Transfer Skid to suit the customer requirements, for example adding additional volume or pressure. 


  • Easy to install & remove
  • Easy to transport
  • Flow & Pressure sensors
  • Small compact smart fluid skid
  • Field proven
  • In-line fluid filter
  • Can be used with water, oils or glycols



Dimensions 37L x100W x60Hmm
Shipping Weight  90kg
Weight in Seawater 90kg
Volume of Hydraulic Fluid 45L
Input Flow 85L/min
Input Pressure 3003psi(207bar)
Output Pressure Max 7540psi (520bar)
Output Flow Max 30L/min
Cable Connector 1508 BCR


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