TMT Main Electrical Enclosure

TMT Main Electrical Enclosure

The Main Electronics Enclosure (MEE) is a one atmosphere, aluminium anodised, electrical enclosure, containing the majority of the Typhoon subsea Low Voltage Electrical and Electronics. This includes Instrument, Lighting and Video Power Supplies, Fibre Optic Multiplexer / Modem, Video Switching Circuits and Serial Communication Nodes. The MEE has 24 subsea connectors on one end, the Connector Bell Housing, and contains two long slide-in electrical assemblies. 

Standard electrical penetrations include: 

• IE55-15 (11 of)
• IE55-20 (5 of)
• IE55-24 (8 of)


• Accessible at both ends
• Air or nitrogen environment
• Air transportable
• Corrosion resistant material
• Extender board available
• External fiber plug
• Field proven to 3100msw



Weight Empty in Air 112Kg
Weight with Electronics in Air 125Kg
Depth Rating 3000msw
Tested To 3750msw
Cylinder OD 304mm
Cylinder ID 256mm
Internal Usable Volume ∅255 x838Lmm
Total Length 1379mm