TMT Extension Shaft Tool

TMT Extension Shaft Tool

The TMT Extension Shaft Tool was originally designed to replace the existing drive shaft on subsea trees. The existing shafts have a triangular drive torque tool interface, but are limited in the amount of torque that can be applied to the valve stem. The tool allows higher torque to be applied to the valve.
The Extension Shaft tool is created from all stainless steel materials in order to achieve a maximum torque transmission capacity of 1750Nm. This maximum torque capacity is only achieved when the replacement valve insert is used. Without this insert the maximum torque that can be applied to the valve is limited by the existing valve insert to 1400Nm. Can be modified to suit customer requirements.
• Valve Interface: 54.5mm x 15mm Rectangular Spade 
• Torque Tool Interface: Ø89.6mm Inscribed Circle Triangle


• Easy to install & remove
• Corrosion resistant materials
• ROV deployable



Size 1200L  x350H x160Wmm
Weight in Air 42kg
Max Torque (valve insert) 1400Nm
Max Torque (no valve insert) 1250rpm