TMT Emergency Recovery Tool

TMT Emergency Recovery Tool

The TMT Emergency Recovery (ER) tool is a dual-use lifting device for recovering a Typhoon ROV in the event of a severed tether or both the TMS and the ROV in the event of a LARS winch failure.

The ER tool can be either:

  • Run down the TMS umbilical, installed around the umbilical.
  • Installed directly onto the ROV tether bullet by a second ROV.

The ER tool is comprised of two (2) properly rated padeyes fixed to opposite sides of a hollow carbon steel body. The body of the tool is designed to fit around a lift point Bullet which is a cylindrical lifting point fitted to both the TMS and the ROV.

TMT can configure the ER tool to suit the customer requirements, or design similar specialised lifting tools.


  • Recover a TMS and/ or an ROV
  • FET and Subsea Innovations bullets¬†supported
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Field tested
  • ROV or surface installed



Dimensions 460L x422W x503Hmm
Weight in Air 100kg
Weight in Seawater 85kg
Rated Pull 12.5t
Standard/Class/Type DNV 2.7-3 R60 E
Depth Rating Unlimited


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