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TMT Docking Probe

TMT Docking Probe

Category: ROV Equipment
Docking Probes are an intervention system for station keeping and firmly attaches an ROV to an underwater structure preventing the ROV from moving during the execution of tasks and provides a positive location for the repeatability of tasks, as per ISO 13628-8.
Docking Probes are used where the loading of subsea equipment interface is not desirable (as in the case of the operation of needle valves or hot stabs) where heavier loads are being handled i.e. jumper slabs or where many interfaces are close together i.e. in a panel.


• Compact design
• Hydraulically operated
• Corrosion resistant material
• Positive pull-in action
• Spring return



Dimensions Standard ISO 13628-8
Axial Load 3000kg
Interface ISO 13628-8
Weight in Air 10kg
Weight in Seawater 7kg