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TMT Breaker

TMT Breaker

Category: Drilling & Abandonment
The Underwater Breaker / Driver tool is in the 90lb class of breakers and, with its long piston stroke, is our hardest hitting ROV held breaker. It is used for heavy concrete and rock breaking, coral removal and rod and anchor driving. Standard 118" x 6"hex chuck and latch retainer. 
The Breaker is painted in a Hi-Visibility yellow. 
Included are a vibration shock absorber mount with 4 metre 3/8” hydraulic hose and a Dirty Oil pack. The Dirty Oil pack prevents the ROV oil from being contaminated. 


• Operated in any position
• Corrosion resistant materials
• Operated using 7 function arm
• Hydraulically controlled by ROV tooling manifold
• Uses standard 1" x 4 1/4" hex shank tool bits:
     o Moil
     o Chisel
     o Spade



Overall Dimensions 736L x 410Wmm
Weight in Air 85kg
Performance 1080bpm@8gpm
Flow Range 26-34L/min
Working Pressure 105-140L/min
Depth Rating Unlimited