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TMT AX/VX Profile Cleaning Tool

TMT AX/VX Profile Cleaning Tool

Category: Grinding & Brushing
The TMT AX/VX Profile Cleaning Tool is designed to clean scale and growth from the wellhead sealing surface. An outer ring is hydraulically actuated to clamp onto the wellhead and centralise the cleaning head. Then a powerful hydraulic motor and three cleaning pads conform to the surface of the well pipe to create an ultra-clean surface ready for other processes. Variable cleaning pressure can be controlled from the surface. Variable cleaning heads can be attached to clean the inernal wellhead seals.


• Three cleaning pads
• Hydraulic motor
• Proven rugged design
• Lightweight construction
• Range of available pads



Dimensions 910L x980W x390Hmm
Weight in Seawater 30kg
Max Operating Pressure 210bar (3046psi)
Max Flow 65L/min
Power & Speed 1.5kW & 810rpm
Depth Rating Unlimited