TMT 75mm Wire Rope Cutter

TMT 75mm Wire Rope Cutter

The TMT 75mm Cutter Assembly allows the cutter orientation to be easily handled by the ROV manipulator. The Wire Rope Cutter is a heavy-duty guillotine type cutter. It is a hydraulically driven unit, which is capable of cutting steel wire up to 75mm 1060N/mm2 grade.
The body of the cutter is of aluminium construction. The cutter tool has an inbuilt hydraulic intensifier so it can operate with the normal ROV pressure of 210bar (3045psi) input. The tool is configured with a TMT purpose built protective frame and manipulator handle that allows for the cutter to be deployed for both horizontal and vertical cuts.
An integrated interlock ensures the blade cannot activate until the anvil is fully engaged.
TMT can configure to the customer requirements. 


  • Cost effective
  • Low maintenance
  • ROV handles
  • Field proven
  • Internal relief valve
  • Integrated hydraulic intensifier


Dimensions 517L x175W x1390Hmm
Weight in Air ~60kg
Weight in Seawater ~40kg
Pressure Rating Max 210bar
Depth Rating Unlimited