TMT 4” Collet Conn. Mech. Override

TMT 4” Collet Conn. Mech. Override

The TMT 4” Collet Connector Mechanical Override tool was originally designed to suit subsea trees. The override tool interfaces with the two 1” mechanical override rods that protrude from the top of the flowline connector and uses two hydraulic cylinders to raise the locking ring inside the flowline connector and release the connector.
The tool was designed to replace an existing diver operated tool, to allow a larger force to be applied to the mechanical override rods than was previously possible. The tool can be modified to suit customer requirements.


• Complete stroke connector in one movement
• Reach yield stress of mechanical override rode
• Field proven



Dimensions 940L x445H x402Wmm
Weight in Air 60kg
Weight in Seawater 49kg
Max. Pressure 700bar (10,000psi)
Cylinder Stroke 152mm (6”)
Connector Stroke 89mm (3.5”)
Maximum Depth Unlimited