TMT 3-Way Hydraulic Ball Valve

TMT 3-Way Hydraulic Ball Valve

The TMT 3-way Hydraulic Ball Valve Assembly is a low pressure 3-way ball valve and a double acting hydraulic cylinder that is able to open and close the valve using hydraulic power alone. The hydraulic cylinder is mounted such that it cannot overload the stem of the ball valve, and hence can reliably and safely actuate the valve 90º, allowing the valve input to switch between the two sources.

The actuator is compact and lightweight meaning that it can be mounted in line with hydraulic tubing if required, but it also includes mounting holes so that it can be secured separately.


  • Corrosion resistant Stainless Steel components
  • Compact and easily operated by an ROV
  • 90º operation
  • Various mounting options available



Dimensions 315L x105W x127Hmm
Wieght in Air 4.2kg
Wieght in Seawater 3.7kg
Cylinder Opearting Pressure 3000psi
Pressure Rating 3000psi
Depth Rating Unlimited