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Surface Video Transmission System

Surface Video Transmission System

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The Digital MicroVision (DMV) is a next generation Surface Video Transmission System which uses the latest CODFM digital coding techniques to achieve many advantages over traditional video transmission methods. A greatly enhanced picture is produced at the receiver end, often seen on analogue systems are eliminated and the system gives longer range while using less power.
Up to 8 DMVs can be used in the same area and both PAL and NTSC are supported. The system compromises Tx & Rx heads, a Transmitter control box and Receiver control box with integrated 5.6" display. All housings are ruggedised machined aluminium. A range of antenna options are available allowing increased range in both directional and omnidirectional configurations.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Digital TV technology
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Long range
  • Low power
  • Eight channels available
  • Ruggedised for offshore use
  • Multiple antenna options




Transmitter Frequency 2405 - 2475MHz
Tx Power Output (Max.) 400mQ
Multi-channel Options 8 selectable channels
Channel Bandwidth 6, 7, 8 MHz
Video Coding MPEG2 4 - 8Mbit/s
Audio Coding MPEG2 Audio, 128Kbit/s
Modulation Technique QPSK
Range ~15km
Operating Voltage 12VDC or 110 - 240VAC
Power Rating

Tx: 10W

Rx: 16W