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Mini SSBL Transponder

Mini SSBL Transponder

Category: ROV Equipment
The Mini Super Short Base Line (SSBL) Transponders (MST) are medium frequency mini transponders. The MST transponders are to be used with the following underwater positioning and navigation systems:
  • High Precision Acoustic Positioning (HiPAP) system
  • Hydroacoustic Position Reference (HPR) series
It is intended to be used for applications where a small and lightweight unit is required.
An MST transponder is delivered with a moulded protective plastic coating. All switches and connectors are recessed within the end cap for added protection. The transponder comes with a pigtail with connector.


  • Operator selected source level
  • Operator select sensitivity
  • Fast battery charging
  • Both transponder & responder function
  • NiMH or Lithium Battery option




MST 319
Dimensions ∅76 x348Lmm
Weight in Air 2.4kg
Weight in Seawater 1.0kg
Opening Beam @-3dB ±90°
Source Level 190dB
MST 342
Dimensions ∅85 x349Lmm
Weight in Air 4.1kg
Weight in Seawater 2.0kg
Opening Beam @-15dB ±40°
Source Level 203dB
MF Channels HiPAP/HPR 400 56 Channels
MF Channels HPR 300 14 Channels