Umbilical Winch System

Umbilical Winch System

ROV Winch
The Umbilical Lift Winch Assembly consists of a single plain cored drum, directly driven by a heavy duty, slow speed and high torque Hagglunds hydraulic motor. An automatic, fail-dafe to on, spring applied/hydraulic release brake is fitted directly to the motor. The drum non-drive end allows access within the drum for junction box mountings/cable terminations and provides a facility for mounting a slip ring assembly.
The automatic cable spooling device is driven from the main drum shaft, comprising a H.T. diamond threaded lead screw, a traversing roller/guide box and guide bars etc. It is assembles as a composite unit and bolted to the winch frame. The complete assembly is mounted on a sub-frame, complete with forklift pockets and protected by a bolted lift/collision frame.
A suitable rated 4-leg lift sling assembly is provided along with pad eyes test-certified for offshore requirements.


  • Spooling gear override
  • Remote control panels
  • Local winch control
  • Lebus salves fitted


Pull 1st Layer

18 tonnes @ 0-40m/min

Max. speed = 60m/min

Pull (Top Layer)

12 tonnes @ 0-55m/min

Max. speed = 80m/min

Drum Dimensions 2000 O/D x1200 PCD x2600mm
Break Holding Load 180% FLT (min.)
Power Required 175kW duty approx.
DNV Certification 2.7-1