Schilling Conan

Schilling Conan

ROV Manipulator
The Schilling Conan 7P manipulator is a seven (7) function, position-controlled and high-capacity remote manipulator system. The Conan is engineered for easy installation and field maintenance.
Through-base bolting makes it particularly easy to install or remove. All electronic components and valves are located in enclosures on the manipulator arm. eliminating the need to install and interconnect an external subsea controlled or valve package.
The manipulator is used for tasks such as connecting an ROV to assets to provice a stable platform for valve override, flowline connection guide, guide wire installation, cutting and various other tools that are required for subsea work.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Easily accessed by ROV
  • Easily operated by ROV
  • Field proven
  • High left to weight ratio
  • Fully self-contained arm


Weight in Air 107kg
Weight in Seawater 73kg
Lift at Full Extension 159kg
Max. Lift (nominal) 273kg
Max. Gripper Opening 152mm
Wrist Torque 205Nm
Wrist Rotate 360°
Max. Reach 1805mm
Depth Rating 3000msw
Dimensions 470L x177W x65Hmm
Weight 3.7kg