Dirty Oil Pack - IHPU

Dirty Oil Pack - IHPU

ROV Tooling
The TMT Dirty Oil Pack is an Isolated Hydraulic Power Unit (IHPU) that is easily attached to an ROV hydraulic system to provide a secondary isolated hydraulic supply used to drive tooling and equipment that could otherwise contaminate the main ROV hydraulic supply.
The pack is a fully self-contained hydraulic circuit incorporating a hydraulic motor and pressure compensated pump, compensated resevoir, hydraulic filters and multiple inlet/outlet connection points.
Attachment to the ROV is fast and easy, by connecting the suppy, return and drain line to the ROVs valve pack function.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Simple design
  • Self-contained
  • Variable pressure & flow
  • Quick fit to ROV
  • Integral filters
  • Compensator
  • Pressure relief valve


Weight in Air - Empty ~40kg
Weight in Seawater - Empty ~25kg
Max. Oil Capacity 6L
Max. Output Pressure 203bar
Max. Output Flow @200bar Variable
Motor Operating Pressure Requirement 203bar
Morot Operating Flow Requirement Variable
Depth Rating Unlimited