TMT ROV Shackle 125 & 85Te

TMT ROV Shackle 125 & 85Te

ROV Shackle
ROV Shackle
The TMT ROV friendly Shackle modifications are a cost effective engineered solution to install and remove standard Green Pin and Sling Saver shackles subsea.
The modification has a positive shackle pin guide that provides ease of operation by an ROV manipulator to engage or disengage the shackle pin. The engage pin is held in place by manipulator installation of a keeper pin with gravity operated dog to assure that the accidental disengagement of the shackle pin does not occur.
The shackle bow is not modified in our design and a simple load test is all that is required to re-certify the modified shackle assembly.
TMT modification as shown here are the 85Te Green Pin Safety Shackles and 125Te Sling Saver Safety Shackles, however our design can be modified quickly to suit shackles of higher or lower ratings.


  • ROV positioned and operated
  • Adoptive and cost effective


Dimensions (125Te) 627H x1006L x310Wmm
Dimensions (85Te) 475H x1023L x314Wmm
Weight in Air (125Te) 125kg
Weight in Water (125Te) 109kg
Weight in Air (85Te) 78.4kg
Weight in Water (85Te) 69kg
Depth Rating Unlimited