TMT X-Ray Tool

TMT X-Ray Tool

Inspection Tool
Inspection Tool
The TMT X-Ray Pipe Inspection Tool was designed to perform X-ray and Ultrasonic inspections on pipeline field joints with ROVs. The tool is deployed in a custom basket which also houses eight (8) X-ray films.
Once located on the pipe the tool can rotate around the pipe to the area of interest and take an X-Ray image. It can also cut a hole in the urethane coating to expose the pipe for ultrasonic measurement which is also performed by the tool.
Note: The urethane cutter is a scraping tool so it is not capable of cutting through the pipe itself.
The tool has hydraulicly operated clamp and rotate with speed control. Hydraulic supply is from the ROV.
The X-Ray Tool control and data monitoring is done through an intuitive and comprehensive graphical user interface system displayed on a laptop.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Easily installed by ROV
  • Easily accessed by ROV
  • Easily operated by ROV
  • Field proven
  • Subsea film reload


Dimensions - Tool 1600L x1250W x1050Hmm
Weight in Air 230kg
Weight in Seawater 30kg
Dimensions - Basket 1280L x1500W x2450Hmm
Weight - Basket Only 525kg
Weight with Tool 815kg
Electrical Supply 24VDC @ 6A, 2 x Video Lines
Hydraulic Supply 2200psi @ 15L/min
Video Camera 4
Pipeline Dia. Min. of 390mm
Depth Rating 150msw