Hydraulic Actuator Override Hot Stab Two Port

Hydraulic Actuator Override Hot Stab Two Port

Hot Stab
The TMT Hydraulic Actuator Override Hot Stab Two Port tool was developed for a pipeline with 30” Sub Sea Isolation Valve (SSIV) fitted with a hydraulically diver operated actuator at each end.
Each valve and actuator is fitted with three hot stabs that allow transfer of fluids by an ROV or diver for maintenance and control purposes.
Actuators have a three element hot stab orientated for vertical makeup and each valve has two separate single element hot stabs, one orientated for vertical and one for horizontal makeup.
The hot stabs are built to industry standard components suitable for use by divers or ROV.
The hot stab designs are based on ISO 13628-8:2002 10k psi type A dual and single port specifications. Dummy plugs can be fitted to all females when not in use. 


• 1 x 2 Port ISO Hotstab Receptacle
• 1 x 1 Port ISO Hotstab Receptacle
• Acetal Parking Receptacle



Size 208L x208W x800Hmm
Weight in Air 25kg
Depth Rating 3000msw
Hotstab Receptacle Material Nitronic 50
End Ports 1/2" Swagelok
Pressure Rating 5000 / 10,000psi (345 to 690bar)