Typhoon 10 Fluid Transfer Skid

Typhoon 10 Fluid Transfer Skid

ROV Skid
The main function of the Typhoon 10 Fluid Transfer Skid is to allow an ROV to perform an emergency intervention on a Blowout Preventer (BOP). Operationally the ROV would install that hotstab into the receptacle on the BOP and then pump hydraulic control fluid into the BOP to close the BOP.
The Fluid Transfer Skid system components are mounted in an aluminium alloy skid which is designed to be compatible with multiple ROVs. The fluid skid is attached to the bottom of the Typhoon MK2 ROV.


  • Easy to install & remove
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Pressure & Flow measurements
  • Emergency seawater pickup
  • Field proven
  • Zero leak isolation valve for pressure testing
  • Dual mini booster pumps 1.5 & 3.9 ratio


Dimensions 2854L x1752W x460Hmm
Weight in Air (Empty) 510kg
Weight in Air (Full) 940kg
Weight in Seawater (Empty) 120kg
Weight in Seawater (Full) 150kg
Max. Weight of ROV 7000kg
Volume of Hydraulic Fluid 2 x 200L
Working Pressure Range - 1.5 0 - 290bar
Working Pressure Range - 3.9 14 - 689bar
Input Flow 35L/min
Input Pressure 210bar
Max. Output Flow (3.9) 24L/min
Max. Output Flow (1.5) 8L/min
Depth Rating 3000msw
Fluid Filter 5 micron