TMT Tooling Skid

TMT Tooling Skid

Subsea Skid
Subsea Skid
Subsea Skid
The TMT Tooling Skid is installed underneath the ROV and provides dual hot stab functionality and a hydraulically actuated drawer for tool storage. The two dual-port hot stabs provide up to 5000psi each at 20L/min, with a 27L storage capacity. The hot stabs’ pressure and flow is controlled, monitored and logged on a custom graphical user interface.
The tooling drawer can provide a mounting point for various tools to be accessed by the ROV’s manipulators when the drawer is extended. The TMT Tooling Skid can be fitted with dredging, jetting or other additional tooling systems to suit your needs.


  • Graphical user interface
  • Hydraulically actuated tooling drawer
  • 2x dual port 5000psi hot stabs
  • Digital logging
  • RS485 comms system
  • Water jetting tooling available
  • Dredging tooling available
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Emergency sea water pickup
  • Dedicated compensation for electric enclosures
  • Corrosion resistant materials


Dimensions 2790L x1860W x490Hmm
Weight in Air 620kg
Weight in Seawater 350kg
Drawer Payload 250kg
Water Jetting 3000psi, 15L/min
Dredging 810L/min
Max. Hot Stab Pressure 0-5000psi (350bar)
Volume of Glycol 27L
Depth Rating 3000msw