Low Pressure Compact Fluid Injection Skid

Low Pressure Compact Fluid Injection Skid

Subsea Skid
The TMT Low Pressure Compact Fluid Injection Skid allows an ROV to perform fluid transfer subsea, i.e acid injection.
The TMT Acid Injection System is ideal for wellhead preservation injection of:
  • Glycol
  • HZ740R
  • MEG
  • Seawater
  • Sulfamic Acid
 For other fluids, contact TMT Engineering.
This skid is designed to allow low-pressure injection of fluids at a moderate flow rate. The use of a peristaltic pump ensures that the injection fluid does not come in contact with pump seals, oil or other media, ensuring the injection fluid is not contaminated, and allows for a wider range of more corrosive fluids to be used without damaging the pump internals.
Attachment to the ROV is fast and easy, by connecting the supply, return and drain line to the ROV's valve pack function.
TMT can configure the skid to suit the customer requirements, for example add aditional fluid pack volume.


  • Easy to install & remove
  • Easy to transport
  • Flow & pressure gauges
  • Compact high volume
  • Field proven
  • In-line fluid filter
  • Compatible with water, oil & glycol


Dimensions 520L x1550W x840Hmm
Weight in Air (Empty) 81kg
Weight in Seawater (Empty) 38kg
Volume of Hydraulic Fluid 150L
Input Flow 4L/min
Input Pressure 3000psi(270bar)
Output Pressure Max. 100 - 150psi
Output Flow Max. 15 - 20L/min
Depth Rating Unlimited