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TMT Riser Alignment Tool

TMT Riser Alignment Tool

Wellhead Alignment
Wellhead Alignment
Wellhead Alignment
The TMT Riser Alignment Tool (RAT) is flexible and versatile solution for checking inclination of a riser or similar subsea structures. The RAT can be installed on deck on a riser between a diameter of 150mm (6”) to 350mm (14”) with proper inserts and can be removed easily and quickly subsea by an ROV.
The RAT is electrically isolated so it won`t lead to any corrosion of the host structure. Depending on operational needs it can also employ the default light strap (part number - 0009-0925_01) or if required by customer for tighter stronger fastening, an insulated wire rope (part number - 0009-0925_02).


  • Easily removed by ROV
  • Easily read from ROV
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • Proven rugged design




Dimensions (Winch) 540 x660 x200mm
Weight in Air 26kg
Weight in Seawater 11.5kg
Accuracy ±0.25°
Max. Subsea Deployment 20 days
Max. Working Depth 6000msw*
Range ±3°

*Depending on the Bullseye used