TMT MK2 200 Fluid Transfer Skid

TMT MK2 200 Fluid Transfer Skid

ROV Skid
ROV Skid
ROV Skid
ROV Skid
The TMT Fluid Skid Mk2 200 is designed to enable the ROV to quickly close the Blow Out Preventer (BOP) rams and safety valves on the client equipment. The skid houses a fluid bladder with 180-200L useable volume and two (2) separate pumps, enabling the skid to produce a maximum flow rate of 260L/min and a maximum pressure of 10,000psi (689bar). The skid is designed to be mounted on the Typhoon MK2 150 ROV and compatible with the Typhoon MK2 SRPS clump weight system.
The Fluid Transfer Skid system components are mounted in an aluminium alloy skid, which can be adapted to be compatible with multiple types of ROVs. The output of the fluid skid is accurately measured using electronic flow meters and pressure transducers, allowing the output of the skid to be graphed vs time. In addition to these functions, the skid can also pump through a dual port hot stab to 10,000psi (689bar), with the ability to remotely select which port the high pressure fluid is directed to.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Two pressure settings on high pressure pump, remotely switched
  • Pressure and flow measurement
  • Emergency seawater pickup
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Data logging
  • Field proven
  • Hot stabs supported include: ISO 13628-8, API 17H Type A or Type C and Petrobras


Dimensions 2830L x1860W x630Hmm
Weight in Air 1265kg
Weight in Seawater 55kg
Max. Weight of the ROV 6000kg
Useable Volume of Control Fluid 180-200L
Max. Output Pressure 10,000psi (689bar)
Max. Output Flow 260L/min
Nominal High Flow Output 200L/min @ 3000psi
Supply Flow 220L/min & 80L/min
Fluid Filters 5 microns
Depth Rating 3000msw
Supply Input Pressure 3000psi