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Jet Pump - Zip Jet 80

Jet Pump - Zip Jet 80

Subsea Pump
The Jet Pump, Zip Jet 80 has all the features of the Zip Pump, with the addition of a highly efficient integrated jetting system.
This allows the operator to break up heavy and cohesive seabed mud and sand prior to excavation. The system can be mounted on a survey vessel or deployed on an ROV at depths down to 1500msw.
The high-speed data uplink is carried on a standard SeaBat copper cable for surface installation.
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Lightweight, portable design
  • Corrosion resistant material
  • ROV deployale
  • Volve F11-10 motor







Input Pressure 2200 - 4000psi (152 - 276bar)
Input Flow 45 - 70L/min
Weight in Air 39kg
Weight in Seawater 20kg
Jetting - Flow 45L/min
Jetting - Pressure Up to 9bar
Suction - Flow 110m3/hour
Solids Removal 11m3/hour
Jet Nozzle 14 - 19mm
Discharge Hose (Dia.) 100mm
Depth Rating 1500mm