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Category: Subsea Positioning
The TMT FATT Buoy (Floating Acoustic Telemetry Transceiver) is an acoustic positioning system that brings simplicity and cost savings to subsea tracking operations. It is easier to deploy and more accurate than other costlier systems.
TMT worked closely with iXBlue, the makers of the industry leading GAPS positioning system, to create a unique design. Traditional seabed acoustic transponder arrays can often be expensive and over engineered for the required accuracy or task at hand. The TMT FATT Buoy replaces these traditional seabed acoustic transponder arrays on rigs that do not have an on-board USBL system for tasks such as spudding or work-overs.
The combination of an inertial aided USBL system and a high-precision DGNSS allows tracking of compatible beacons in depths of up to 4000m. Once deployed, the TMT FATT Buoy can be held in place by a crane wire, winch or simply tethered to a vessel or platform.
The TMT FATT Buoy can be used on operations that require USBL even when a through hull moon pool is not available, or if an over the side USBL fixture is not feasible.


  • Deployed via crane or winch
  • No calibrations required
  • High precision DGNSS position
  • Full integration of USBL
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Real-time positioning
  • Seabed position accuracy of 0.2% x slant range



Dimensions ∅3.85m x1.2Hm
Weight in Air 157Kg
Data Output RS422, RS232, Ethernet
Power Supply

28-36V DC

110/240V AC

Power Consumption 50W
Cable Length 100m
Connector 16-pin SUBCONN
Depth Rating 25m