TMT Acoustic Smart Level

TMT Acoustic Smart Level

The TMT Acoustic Smart Level (ASL) tool assists in keeping the drill string vertical by measuring the inclination of the drill string in two perpendicular planes. The transmitter bottle is clamped to the string with a customisable clamp.
The drill string angles are displayed digitally on the front of the transmitter bottle where it can be read by the ROV operator using ROV cameras.
Inclination information can also be sent acoustically to a listening bottle on the ROV or over the side of the vessel/rig. Inclination data is then transferred to the ROV operators Graphical User Interface on the laptop. Custom software provides a visual representation of the data.


• Corrosion resistant material
• Easily transportable
• Reduces deployment of ROV
• Real time data collection and recording
• Field proven



Transmitter Bottle

Dimensions 1156H x285Wmm
Weight in Air 40.7kg

 Listening Bottle

Dimensions ∅521 x432Hmm
Weight in Air 23.5kg