Linear Actuated Override Tool (LAOT)

Linear Actuated Override Tool (LAOT)

Subsea Completion
The TMT Linear Actuated Override Tool (LAOT) is a flexible and versatile solution for operating various linear override ISO standard valve interfaces. The TMT LAOT is hydraulically powered to provide up to 86.2Te (846kN) of linear force at 10,00psi (68.9MPa) in the forward (extend) direction.
The LAOT can be fitted with an ISO Type A or ISO Type B valve interface.
The LAOT stroke length can be limited according to the maximum client required stroke length (up to 219mm) to prevent valve damage by over stroking.
The LAOT can be coupled with a (sold separately) Lock Out Tool (LOT) in order to provide a mechanical means of locking the valve in a stroked position for a prolonged time.
The LAOT can be engaged and disengaged from the LOT at any time by rotating the LAOT equipped with an ISO 13628-8 Type A linear interface (1/8 turn lock).


  • Can be held by manipulator or mounted on the TMT HD-FLOT
  • Easily operated from an ROV
  • High Strength AISI 630 Stainless Steel
  • Configurable stroke up to 8.625° (219mm)
  • ISO 13628-8 Type A or B Interface available
  • ROV Operable Hydraulic Lock Off Valve
  • ISO 13628-8 Type A Hot Stab Receptacle interface
  • Subsea rated pressure gauge for visual indication


Dimensions 765L x344W x437Hmm
Weight in Air 80.2kg
Weight in Seawater 66.5kg
Pressure 10,000psi
Maximum Force 190,265lbs
Flow L/min 14 Extend / 8 Retract