Completions Package

The drilling program is finished, and selected producing wells will be completed to allow the gas or condensate to be transferred to the onshore or offshore processing facility.
The following operations and selected tools are typical of those encountered by an ROV team during this well completion phase.

If the well has been temporarily abandoned, an acid soak may be required to soften hard marine growth deposits prior to cleaning sealing surfaces.

  • TMT Acid Plug is used to cap the well and inject a biological inhibitor via a hot stab and stinger.


Unlatch BOP Operation


Run Tubing Head Spool (THS)


Land BOP & Drill Ahead


Pull BOP

  • Evacuate around the THS pieces and couplers using the TMT Mini Dredger with the snorkel tube


Run Christmas Tree


Final Completion Tasks


Watch all the action from the offshore operational command vessel or live on the screen at the morning progress meeting at the city headquarters with the TMT Air Lync Wi-Fi System.