Umbilical Sealing Cap

Umbilical Sealing Cap

Subsea Tooling
The TMT Umbilical Sealing Cap is designed to seal over the open end of a riser/umbilical after it has been cut. The tool is equipped with a depth location rod indicator to indicate the ROV pilot if installation has been completed appropriately and with a low pressure seal to reduce the possibility of an environmental spill.
The TMT Umbilical Sealing Cap is designed to accomodate for a riser/umbilical maximum external diameter of 6 inch (±5%).
TMT can customise the tool to suit your requirements.


  • Acetal entry guide
  • Field proven
  • Fine pitch, M24 drive screw
  • Locking teeth to prevent easy removal of umbilical once inserted
  • Over pressure relief valve (set at 20psi)
  • Polyurethane wedge seal to accomodate possible variations of riser/umbilical external diameter
  • ROV and diver friendly


Overall Dinemsions 541OD x696Hmm
Weight in Air 47kg
Weight in Seawater 40kg
Riser/Umbilical OD 6 inch
Maximum Working Torque 100Nm
Seal Axial Crushing Force 5000kg
Design Life Single application. Limited corrosion protection