Hot Tap Tool

Hot Tap Tool

Abandonment Tooling
Abandonment Tooling
Abandonment Tooling
Abandonment Tooling
Abandonment Tooling
The Hot Tap Tools have been designed and proven to clamp onto, seal and create orifices in rigid pipelines/flowlines in a single operation whilst the pipeline/flowline is still under pressure. Perforation of the pipeline is achieved without creating any swarf and with the coupon (tab) created during perforation remaining attached to the pipe.
Two variants of the tool have been designed; one with rigid buoyancy to deliver a required submerged weight and one with attachment points for adjustable inflatable buoyancy (e.g. lift bags). Functionally, the tools are identical but are geometrically different in some aspects, driven by the differing geometric constraints of their original areas of application.
Although originally intended for use on horizontal runs of rigid spools on or near the seabed, the HTT can be used on pipework in any orientation.


  • Suitable for pipe up to 168mm OD
  • Suitable for pipe WT up to 11mm
  • Punched orifice size - up to 40mm
  • Pipe internal pressure - up to 200bar
  • Combined clamping and sealing mechanism
  • Primary seal -Elastomer
  • Secondary seal - Sealant Injection (contingency)
  • Integral depressuring and flushing pipework


Overall Dimensions

2422H x1550W x900Dmm Config 1

2006H x1065W x1235Dmm Config 2

Dry Weight

~1190kg Config 1

~970kg Config 2

Submerged Weight Client Defined
Application Water Depth 100msw (adjustable)
Hydraulic Input Pressure

10,000psi (690bar) Max. - clamping & punching

3,000psi (207bar) Max. - all other operations

Hydraulic Input Flowrate 14 L/min Max.