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TMT’s main business units can be separated into 4 service categories.
  1. ROV Design & Manufacture 
  2. ROV Operations
  3. Intervention Tooling
  4. Offshore Survey


ROV Design & Manufacture


TMT has over 30 design engineers working on all our various design projects. Our team consists of a mix of both senior mechanical engineers of different industry backgrounds ranging from aeronautical to motorsport engineering to young apprentices taking their first steps into the oil and gas industry. Here at TMT, only industry accepted guidelines and processes are used during the design phase which includes both Australian and international standards.
Being in the industry since 1999, TMT has valuable experience in constructing robust and tough workclass ROVs. Our tested and proven designs have stood the test of time with numerous patents applied for our innovations. All our workclass ROVs have a payload of at least 150HP and a depth rating of up to 3000M.



ROV Operations

ROV Operations is the lifeblood of TMT. It drives our product development through experience and recognition of the multiple and diverse dynamic factors our crews and clients confront everyday in the offshore environment. The TMT Operations strategy integrates the right people with the right equipment to deliver world class ROV system performance safely and reliably all the time. 

Intervention Tooling

TMT believes the future of ROV systems will be intrinsicly linked to the development of increasingly sophisticated ROV tooling. As the oil industry continues to explore and develop fields in deep water, ROVs will improve in workscope versatility and task efficiency through the use of effective tooling and intervention packages.
We currently have a number of dedicated engineering teams focused on evolving existing tools and developing new tooling systems. Our ability to integrate software and electronic control systems with dynamic hydraulic and mechanical hardware, establishes TMT with all the core elements required to successfully deliver any tooling project from the storyboard to the seafloor. 


TMT Survey

TMT Survey conducts offshore positioning services, inspections, construction support and bathymetric surveys.
All our services are executed with tailored technology to collect quality useable information and provide rapid data delivery to our clients.