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Typhoon MK2 150

Category: Heavy Workclass 
The Typhoon is a 150HP heavy work class ROV with a proven 3000msw depth rating. It is designed and built in Australia to be a cost effective and client-focused answer to your ROV needs. The Typhoon can be installed in an ROV hanger, or supplied with a Control and Workshop container for installation on deck.


Electronic Architecture

Distributed node control including automated heading and station hold. Expandable RS485 network with a range of quick-change PCB's for different applications. Dual redundant control and modern interface.


Two manipulators on extendable TMT Z Extensions are provided. The Z Extension provides 300mm of controlled movement in the Z axis (fwd-aft) for manipulators. A third central Z Extension is available tooling. 
Manipulator options include:
  • Schilling Conan, 7-function, Master/Slave
  • Schilling T4, 7-function, Master/Slave
  • Schilling RigMaster, 5-function, rate
  • Schilling Atlas, 7-function, rate
  • TMT Guidepost Grabber, 2-function, rate


Tooling Interface

  • 5x 0-15L/min, 3000psi for Tooling
  • 8x 0-15L/min, 3000psi for Manipulators
  • 3x 0-8L/min, 3000psi proportional for Tooling
  • 2x High Flow 0-76L/min, 0-3000psi
  • 1x Ultra High Flow direct to main 0-238L/min HPU
  • 10x Medium Flow direct to secondary 0-78L/min HPU

Tether Management System

The Typhoon ROV is designed to suit Perry Type 5A TMS. Other TMS models are available as an option.

ROV Instrumentation

 - Sonar system
 - CDL TOGSNAV with:
  • Depth sensor
  • DVL
  • North seeking gyro compass
  • Temperature sensor




Depth Rating 3000msw
Length 3.5m
Width 1.8m
Height 2.2m
Weight 5,300kg
Frame Proof Load 30,000kg
Thru Frame Lift 2700kg (Upgradable to 4500kg)