Typhoon MK2 150

The Typhoon MK2 150 ROV systems are the newest addition to TMT’s fleet of ROV systems. Designed and built in Bibra Lake, Western Australia at TMT’s manufacturing facility. These systems are rated for 3000msw operation, field proven to 3100msw. The Typhoons are a 150Hp heavy duty workclass ROV system making it very suitable for :-

  • Deepwater and ultra-deepwater installation and construction support
  • Subsea cable burial and maintenance
  • Deepwater salvage and recovery
  • Remote tool deployment
  • Subsea pipeline construction, completion and survey activities
  • Platform inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Suction pile installation
  • Drill support and completion activities




Depth Rating 3000msw
Length 3.5m
Width 1.8m
Height 2.2m
Weight 5,000kg
Frame Proof Load 30,000kg
Thru Frame Lift 2700kg (Upgradable to 4500kg)